Taichung ︱Cherry Blossoms at Taian Police Station

(Feb-Mar) Taian Police Station(泰安派出所) is located in Houli, Taichung(台中后里). It's famous for the Yaezakura cherry blossom(八重櫻) which usually blooms during the Chinese New Year.


Chinese Name of Attraction

No.1, Anmei Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City

The Best Time to Visit
Late Feb to early Mar

Public Transportation
During the cherry blossom festival, normally begins in late Feb, Taichung City Government will arrange shuttle buses to carry tourists between Taian Train Station(泰安火車站) and Taian Police Station(泰安派出所).

TRAVELS on FEB 11, 2015

Taian Police Station has a parking lot opened for the public.

The cherry trees planted along the road. The characteristics of  the Yaezakura cherry blossom are that the flower has more than 5 petals. It is gorgeous in full bloom. The lamps will light up at night, you can see another gorgeous scenery of the cherry blossoms.

When you walk around the police station, you can find other cherry blossom trees. I also suggest you go to the old Taian Train Station (about 15 minutes by walking). It's an abandoned station, so you can walk on the rail and take a photo.

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